8 November 2021

10.45-11.00 Opening remarks

G. Langer (Univ. Vienna)/ L. Rutgers (Univ. Utrecht)/C. Cordoni (ÖAW/Univ. Vienna)


11.00-12.30 Human Geography; Early Jewish and Christian Perspectives

Chair: C. Cordoni (ÖAW)

J. Malpas (Univ. of Tasmania, Australia): “Next year in Jerusalem”: Homeland and the orienting of the world   

K. Berthelot (Univ. Aix-Marseille, CNRS): Is Judea Homeland? The Notion of Patris in the Writings of Philo and Josephus

J. C. de Vos (Univ. Münster): Land in the New Testament: An Example from Hebrews 12


12.30-14:00 Lunch break


14.00-15.30 Early Christian and Rabbinic Perspectives  

Chair: G. Langer (Univ. Vienna)

K. Heyden (Univ. Bern): Palestine a Religious Homeland for Western Christians?

A. Siquans (Univ. Vienna): Moses’ Land: Evidence of Patristic Literature

D. Kraemer (Jewish Theological Seminary, New York): Competing Jewish Homelands: Babylon and the Land of Israel in Rabbinic Discourse


9 November 2021

11.00-12.00  Rabbinic Perspectives

Chair: C. Hezser (SOAS)

E. Ben-Eliyahu (Univ. Haifa): The Dynamic Nature of the Borders of the Land of Israel in Rabbinic Literature

R. Kiperwasser (Hebrew Univ.): Mother, Stepmother, and Symbolic  Violence: Land of Israel and Babylonia in Rabbinic Traditions 


12.00-14.00 Lunch break


14.00-15.30 Epigraphic, Liturgical and Quasi-Rabbinic Perspectives

Chair: L. V. Rutgers (Univ. Utrecht)

O.-P. Saar (Univ. Utrecht): Symbols of Identity and Yearning: The Temple in Jewish Funerary Inscriptions

C. Cordoni (ÖAW/Univ. Vienna): The Land of the future and the future of the homeland

S. Wolfert-De Vries (Univ. Utrecht): Holy land or holy people? The conceptualization of religious belonging in the late antique Jewish diaspora in Egypt


10 November 2021

11.00-12.30 Other Jewish and Samaritan Perspectives

Chair: M. L. Miller (CEU)

M. Levy-Rubin (The Schechter Institute): Becoming a homeland to Muslims: The sanctification of Palestine in the first centuries of Islam: The case of Samaria 

M. Schreiber (Univ. Vienna): Samaritan Zionism

Y. Katz Wilfing (Univ. Vienna): Between Homelands - Bukharan Jews in Vienna


12.30-14.00 Lunch break


14.00-15.30 Arab Christian, Muslim and Karaite Perspectives

Chair: R. Lohlker (Univ. Vienna)

B. Roggema (Univ. Bochum): The land of Filastin and the Jewish diaspora in the eyes of Arab Christians (750–1000)

S. A. Mourad (Smith College, MA): The Muslims’ Holy Land (al-Ard al-Muqaddasa): The Invention of New Memories and Conceptualizations

M. Polliack (Tel Aviv Univ.): Historicizing the Land of the Bible in Medieval Karaite Discourse


15.30-15.45 Closing remarks

G. Langer (Univ. Vienna)/ L. Rutgers (Univ. Utrecht)/C. Cordoni (ÖAW/Univ. Vienna)


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