Ancient and Medieval Religious Homelands: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Space, Place, and Religion (8-10 November 2021)

Bünting, Heinrich, Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae. Helmstadt, Jacobus Lucius, 1585. Pt.I, p.14-15. First edition 1581.

Digitised by The National Library of Israel

During the first millennium of the common era the land rabbinic literature refers to as "Land of Israel" (as well as "the Land" and "the West"), was known not only by multiple names, but also reflected upon in different languages, looked at through manifold lenses, and from several geographical and ideological distances. The interdisciplinary conference "Ancient and Early Medieval Homelands" is concerned with the changing conceptualisations and with constants in the expression of the meaningfulness of the Holy Land in literatures of the Roman, Byzantine, and early Muslim periods.

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